Wednesday, 6 September 2017

10 Things I Love About Living Alone

It's been a busy week here – lots of friends over to the house. Many meals cooked, many walks for Bailey and lots of doggy cuddles. It's really made me appreciate the good things and made me think about why I moved in the first place and what I really appreciate about living alone.

So here's the top 10 reasons I love living alone;
  1. I can do what I want, when I want to – within reason...I mean I still can't just leave the dishes for a week... they won't do themselves!
  2. Friends are welcome round any time – whilst my family were always brilliant with my friends, its nice to be able to invite them around and have the run of the house.
  3. Peace and Quiet – again, I love my family, but it's really nice to have my own space and just enjoy the quiet without being interrupted.
  4. I can watch whatever I want – I don't have to wait between episodes of Bake Off or football any more!
  5. I can decorate the house in the style that I like!
  6. Blasting out the music is pretty fun when no-one else is around.
  7. The same goes for dance moves.
  8. There's no judgement if I decide to sit and watch back-to-back episodes of Pretty Little Liars for an entire day...occasionally making short romantic walks to the fridge.
  9. Bailey has his own space – seems like this wouldn't be a problem as he's always lived with another dog, but he loves being able to roam the garden on his own.
  10. I can sit back and admire all I've achieved at the house. I never thought I'd own a house on my own!

Does anyone else live alone? Share the things you love about it in the comments below.


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