Monday, 28 August 2017

First Look; My New Home

Oh-er it's been a while hasn't it?! Sorry about that, but I know some of you have been keeping up with my Insta feed and have seen some of the changes to my lifestyle I've been making (if you ignore the abundance of cocktails recently).

Things seem to be moving in the right direction for me now, but I'll talk about that in another post. Today, I wanted to share with you all my new home!

I got really lucky when I found my house. I saw a few other houses in the area I was looking to move to before I found this one and this was purely by chance... Lets just say trying to haggle on price with the estate agents over a much smaller house across the road really worked out for me. In the end I have a much bigger house, a much bigger garden... and probably a lot more to do. But, I'll get there and this place certainly feels like home.

I moved in back in June so things have come on quite a lot since these pictures were taken, but I figured this was my opportunity to document how much things can change. I'm going to apologise now for the quality - no editing of these photos!


There's only a very small entryway into the house, I added the new light fitting (Sainsburys) and 'Hello' coat hanger (The Range) when I moved in, but otherwise the entryway is neutral and leads into the lounge and (as you can probably tell) straight up the stairs.


My favourite room in the whole house! You can't tell on the second photo, but the lounge is light and airy - I chose a grey corner sofa (Ikea) and dusty pink rug to complement the colour of the existing room. It looks a lot more homely now I'm in and I'll get some more photos of it when it's finished - I'm currently working on the idea of a gallery wall and purchasing another cabinet for all my books.


My least favourite room in the whole house. Admittedly it's quite spacious which is a bonus, but that breakfast bar has to go and the flooring needs pulling up...the colour is the same as the lounge and whilst I like the colour it feels too much in a second room. I literally have a list as long as my arm of things I want to change in here. BUT, it is livable and technically there isn't anything wrong with it so I can live with it for now.

Toilet and Bathroom

Eeek, I actually have a downstairs toilet at the back of the house (I didn't even have this on my wishlist) which is AMAZING - especially when people are out in the garden - it saves trekking through the entire house.

The upstairs bathroom really isn't to my taste. However, it is pretty neutral and the bath/sink/toilet are all fairly new so nothing major to do in this room which is a huge bonus.

Master Bedroom

Ok, so granted it might be a little bit too duck egg blue, but with furniture in it isn't too bad! Both of the bedrooms at this house are doubles and have views of the back garden so they're pretty nice. Plus we get sun all day!

Guest Room

The second bedroom is neutral again so a really nice room and nothing immediately needs doing. This was the nursery for the previous family that lived here but everyone that's been round to the house loves the owl wallpaper so I guess it can stay for a while!


As you can see - the garden is pretty big and when I viewed the house it wasn't half as overgrown! The great news it it's south-facing so I get sun all day and it really has been glorious! Some serious weeding to be done here and might be a job for the professionals! 

That's it from me for an initial house tour. I guess I can do as little or as much as I want for now, but hopefully the next time you see some pictures, big changes will be under way.


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