Friday, 7 July 2017

One Month In...

Well, this has definatley been the shortest month of my little life so far...
So, as I mentioned before, I finally got around to moving into my new home - even Bailey is here and we're settling in nicely. I kind of figured it was time to give you all an update on how things are going!

So, it's actually been a little over a month since the big move and let me just say moving day was a little stressful!

I got the keys on the Friday and had the van hired for the Saturday - my parents and some friends were helping me move, but I also had a washing machine and fridge-freezer to be delivered. As well as trying to co-ordinate movements so I could get Bailey into the house with as little stress for him as possible.

That was always my main concern - I never wanted to bring him somewhere that didn't suit him or where he didn't want to be... Cut to one month in and he barks when I leave the house. I've had a few recommendations about this and I'll give you some updates later in the month.

So, the sofa has arrived, the furniture is in and changes are happening! I think I spent the first two weeks in the house just trying to sort things out and there are some BIG changes to make (and some small ones in places too).

But...OH MY GOD! I finally have my own home! And I did it all by myself! *insert excited squeal*
I'm so excited to share with you all my new projects and the things I'm doing to the house so please watch this space!

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