Sunday, 7 May 2017

Welcome To Enchant and Enjoy!

I'm Holly, blog owner here at Enchant and Enjoy. I really wanted a cool way of introducing myself and this new blog, but it's hard to put into words... So, what's this all about?!

I'm a first-time house buyer in the UK, living on my own (well, with my dog, Bailey) and trying to find my way in having my first home.
I wanted a way to document and share my projects in the hope that it would help others out there.

I have a limited budget by the time I've paid my bills, so the things you can expect to see here will be budget-friendly, thrifty and aimed at saving you (and me) money. It won't be all home decor and DIY - I might even stretch to sharing some recipes, outfits and work-related bits.

Before we begin, I've moved across some posts from my old blog 'Mellifluous' - the old blog will still be live until June/July and then it will be gone - I didn't want to lose some of the things I'd worked on previously and that I was proud of so they'll stay here after this time.

Anyway, I hope you can all sit back, relax and enjoy me sharing my story...

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