Saturday, 15 April 2017

Travel: My Trip to Cuba

It feels like a very long time since I last posted something, but then I did say I would stop mentioning Cuba until I’d been… which pretty much gave me nothing to write about.
Anyway, I’m back with a head full of ideas and lots of things to show you; I have a couple of book and make-up reviews to do, which were all tried and tested whilst I was away, so they’ll be coming up over the next few weeks, and I’m going to be sharing some ideas with you all for revamping my bedroom…
But, first, grab a cuppa, because I wanted to share with you all my snaps from holiday and just have a general chat about Cuba, so I thought I’d give you a round-up. Then we can all move along with our lives until I book my next holiday and the countdown to begin all over again #killmenow

Anyway, if you’e been following along on Instagram then you’ll have seen that I’ve already uploaded a few pictures! We booked with Thomas Cook this time and got a good deal to Cayo Coco, which is an island just off of Cuba (you can get to the mainland though, and the nearest town is an hour away). Not too touristy as the area hasn’t been over-developed yet, and hopefully they will keep it this way as it is very pretty.
Our hotel was Sol Cayo Coco – Thomas Cook has graded this a 3* hotel now, but I think this is fair (we took a bus and toured the islands and the other hotels are quite new), however the hotel has access to two beaches, makes lots of yummy cocktails (and food!) and the staff are fantastic. It could just do with a bit of a facelift to make it back up to 4* again as then it would match the other hotels…but hey, I didn’t go away to spend all my time in my room so no problem there. And we both agreed we would be happy to stay here again (and we probably will – the staff are like meeting old friends).
The weather on the first day…absolutely nailed it down. Mr Mellifluous was not a happy bunny and asked ‘where have you chuffing brought me now’ – I made promises that the weather would be fine the following day and – SCORE – I couldn’t have been more right because we didn’t see another drop of rain all holiday. And talk about an island paradise! The gardens were maintained wonderfully and with access to two beaches and the pool we were spoilt for choice in terms of where we wanted to go for the day.
I saw DOLPHINS. In the wild (although they do have a ‘swim with dolphins’ thing there too.. not my cup of tea, watched Blackfish, but if that’s what you’re looking for…) – we had gone on a small catamaran with a guide to do some fishing (for Mr M. of course…) and just as we were about to come in a dolphin pod appeared right at the side of the boat! Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures to share with you of this, but it was AMAZING, 100% going down as a holiday highlight.
As I said, we had caught a bus round the island, this is 5 pesos each (about £3.50) return – this bus will take you right to Playa Pilar (voted the best beach in Cuba). The beach itself was nice, but we stumbled upon a little secret – you can catch a boat across to an island for another 5 pesos each, once there you pay 15 pesos each for dinner (fish, lobster, chicken, rice, chips etc.). Now this might not seem like its a secret, but we didn’t see one person from the UK whilst we were there and bumped into our rep (who was on her afternoon off) who was shocked that we had found the place – seems like most people stay on resort and don’t venture out! Anyway, the real icing on the cake was that we ended up with the whole beach on the island to ourselves…for two days in a row! We made the trip twice because we fell in love with the place!
Anyway, we’ll definatley be going back to Cayo Coco and the Sol in particular and we had a fantastic time. I’ll leave you with my snaps to look through...

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