Saturday, 15 April 2017

Review: Original Source Bodywash

I wanted to review the Original Source Vanilla & Raspberry Body Wash, because I fell in love with it. I’ve been meaning to blog about this since I arrived back from Cuba, but last month was so a hectic. Blogging and life over the last month  has been so busy that I just never got around to it.

Anyway, our local Tesco always has offers on bath and shower products. Before we went on our holiday I picked up two of the Original Source body washes for just £1 each! When I popped back to the store, Tesco has these on offer again for a pound and I couldn’t resist purchasing another. I also tried out the Coconut and Shea Butter Body Wash whilst we were away, but it was the Vanilla & Raspberry that I fell for.
If you’re vegan or just interested in cruelty-free products then this is definatley one for you! Original Source is a vegan brand.
Honestly, this smells good enough to eat. I’ve often left the shower feeling a little hungry. I’m not sure if that’ a good or bad thing, but it definatley makes my bathroom smell rather delicious too!
The great thing with Original Source is that the packaging is see-through so you can see what colour the shower gel is. There are some fascinating combinations and colours out there and I’ll be trying some more in the future.
The texture of the gel is quite thick and it feels very luxurious for the price, and works into a really good lather. I used a bath sponge whilst I was on holiday and could not wash the gel out of the sponge. The suds just kept coming and I wasn’t sure how much was too much! The thing I have taken away from this is that you only need a very small amount to create a very rich foam.
I’ve used the shower gel with the sponge, but also with a bath scrunchie and just on it’s own. I don’t have a particular preference on how to use this gel as it seems to work well with any method.
The gel leaves me feeling moisturized, a difficult task when you have dry skin and eczema! Original Source offer a ‘Skin Quench’ range, packed full of oils to keep your skin moisturized too. I am seriously considering trying them to see if I can find something that is agreeable.
Original Source shower gels are a great find at just £1 a bottle and I can definatley recommend them in the future.
Have you found a good shower product recently? Share in the comments below.

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